Saturday, July 16, 2011


something from last summer! pencil/digital thumbnails and poses showed to the client since they weren't quite sure what they wanted aside from the animals and general setting [forest, crossroads or path].

beahs, burrs, bahrs...

completed piece for a summer show

digitally colored pencil doodle

digitally colored pencil doodle

digitally colored ink doodle

unfinished commission

this is a post dedicated to bears, at various stages of completion. my favorite thing to draw!
hi guys! long time no post. throwing some things i've worked on recently and some for fun stuff as well just to keep things moving along. will hopefully have some character/digtal work up in here soon as well as some fan art-y things. ME? NEGLECT BLOGSPOT? no...

for now here was a fun commission i did of a hula girl/pig done in the style of an old travel poster. neon pink under painting. so much fun!